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8:54pm Aug 24th 18

gday guys just started playing siege this season on pc and am looking to possibly join a team, im originally from ps4/xbox cod snd scene. been playing competitivley for many years. i thought id have a crack at siege and have invested a fair bit of time into it recentley and am able to hang with low plat high gold players already. (been playing pugs with plats) i have good knowledge on how to play the competitive mode as ive played snd on cod for a long time and there is alot of similartities in the way you play. obviously alot still to learn but im comfortable playing different roles on different maps already and can confidentley play 3 or so charachters on each side no problems.

obviously still alot to learn but i can pick it up pretty quick with the right person teaching me.

if i cant find a team thats all good i just enjoy playing ranked anyway but i thought i would see whats around.

cheers lads

Polar Trixient

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11:39pm Nov 23rd 18

Hello, Are you still looking for a team at the moment? I Recently started up a team and we are looking at expanding our roster. PM me on this site or DM on discord if interested. @YaBoiCoops#4596

Polar Trixient

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11:39pm Nov 23rd 18 - in reply to Stinkfist's post

Ill PM You more info.