Quick fix for lag and some FP...

Quick fix for lag and some FPS boost tips!

Quick fix for lag and some FPS boost tips!

Thread started by JWNilly on Thursday, 5:06pm August 30th. Views: 457


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5:06pm Aug 30th 18 and edited 6:16pm Aug 30th 18

Lag spikes and high ping can be very annoying in multiplayer games, especially those which require quick response time to complete fast past mission. R6 is one of these games and when the lag kicks in it only ends in frustration for us players and nothing more. Even more so if you have a low end PC, FPS drops also occur be very often. I have found some reasonable solutions for all these issues. If you are going through one, have a quick look. Might help you out!


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1:23am May 24th 19

I am just looking for the fix of the problem where my canon printer offline windows 10 and this just happened just after your latest update. I updated the game and my printer is showing offline every time I am going to print.