[AU/NZ] Experienced eSports Pl...

[AU/NZ] Experienced eSports Player Looking to get into Siege - LFT

[AU/NZ] Experienced eSports Player Looking to get into Siege - LFT

Thread started by AstonP on Sunday, 5:15pm September 2nd. Views: 1,084


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5:15pm Sep 2nd 18

Name: AstonP
Age: 20
Region: AU/NZ
Hours: 800 (over 2 accounts, used to share with a younger sibling)
Highest Rank This Season: Gold 1 *Solo Queuing*
Previous Siege Experience: None, looking to learn but am very confident that with the right team I can improve rapidly
Previous eSports Experience: I'm not stranger to High Level eSports having played competitive Team Fortress 2 at the highest global level & have been a core member on a second place team (at that level) & over 200 official matches both online & at lan
Anything Teams Should Know/I want to say: I'm looking to grow and learn, I have extreme commitment & want to achieve great things playing Siege competitively. I have good availability & I know what it takes to play at an elite level.

If you want to talk to me or discuss anything please feel free to Add me on discord or message through here
Discord: dime#2506


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10:44am Sep 12th 18

If you are still looking for a team feel free to come to our trials on saturday