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11:21pm Sep 11th 18

woah, the kid's in cga for another season ?! you bet !!

After being the typical egotistical pugger for 4 seasons, it is time for jam to reform.

Age: 18
Availability: Everyday after 7pm aest besides Thurs. (whatever best fits team schedule)
Role: Rifler

Played for a good while now, but for people who don't know who I am;

  • Played about 4 seasons of cga, making 3/4 in finals
  • Played 2 seasons of ESEA-O
  • Can help with Strat-books
  • mediocre aim / brain

pref. high cga but open to any trials xx https://steamcommunity.com/id/Jamarino/

p.s. Sorry to all the teams that played against my team this season, hope all the best !


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11:24pm Sep 11th 18

High a, has great potential, sharp and smart

also a cute weeb x


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11:31pm Sep 11th 18

good guy but deserves a harbour ban for the amount of cheaters he plays with on cg, probably unlucky though but idk.


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7:08am Sep 12th 18 and edited 2:31am Dec 5th 18

sounds white


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8:51am Sep 12th 18

what can i say.. this dude really came from the projects..came from Guatemala and was able to escape the mexican borders. Now ese is able to shoot people for a living. high a for my cholo Mexican Puertorican Cuba.


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10:22am Sep 12th 18

Cool fkn dude wish I could of played with him longer

Deserves the best cga can offer



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11:11am Sep 12th 18

Stick to the plan lad, you know how it is.


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3:09pm Sep 12th 18

Should add in profile "xx percentage asian" coz you need a minimum of 2 asians to win CGA!!


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4:29pm Sep 12th 18

High A sharp and smart BOL


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5:56pm Sep 12th 18

HIGH A for my homie dahyun


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5:57pm Sep 12th 18

the homie jam, finals ez give him a good home (also a dubu bias so +rep) BOL FINDING my mans


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6:36pm Sep 12th 18

sharpster, bol jammy


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6:36pm Sep 12th 18

jam *unzips pants*

me 'okaerinasai goshujin sama'

shows big dick in pugs


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6:51pm Sep 12th 18

jams a cutie and chill guy, all the best brother


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6:57pm Sep 12th 18

Very sharp, ezpz high A