Is PUBG losing players?

Is PUBG losing players?

Is PUBG losing players?

Thread started by Donaldowens on Tuesday, 11:26pm September 11th with 9 replies. Views: 868


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11:26pm Sep 11th 18

PUBG came into our lives with a bang and alongside of forming the Battle Royale genre, was quick enough to gather a player base of millions. More games followed by PUBG remained to be the dominant force in the world of online games.

This dominance however, is steadily losing the count with each counting day. After almost a year of PUBG's rein, the game's daily player base has fell from the million count. On September, 10th PUBG lost the million player count, a feat that started last year on 8th September.

This ends a yearlong run of popularity of the game which has now started to take a downward trajectory. And this is greatly due to the increase in popularity of other games most importantly Fortnite.


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12:09am Sep 12th 18

How's that OC queue time?


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12:25am Sep 12th 18

That's also the reason


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9:35am Sep 12th 18

you cant queue OCE anymore, 60min queue time. Officially dead in OCE.


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11:19am Sep 12th 18

Most people play SEA ( from OCE ) I'd imagine if all the OCE Players were region locked we would start getting games more frequently..

Sadly Fortnite and how noob friendly it is with it's cartoony graphics, videos all over facebook, dancing emojii thingies and all of that really appeals to the younger generation.. which is why it's so popular.

Pubg is a great game, the tactical feel of it is amazing. I play a lot on SEA and queue times are 3 seconds..


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11:54am Sep 12th 18

cod blackout beta les go


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3:42pm Sep 12th 18

Reply from PUBG Corp on the matter.


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1:32am Sep 13th 18

yeah they are trying but it's a fact that they are losing their user base


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11:13am Sep 18th 18

Being the Pub Hero that I try to be When OC was on the decline I moved to SEA, and despite the average ping of like... 250ms I at least know I can find a game in quick time.
I said this on multiple Reddit posts and such. If PUBG did force Region Locking, it might help the situation a little.. but the simple fact is the FPP base is still much smaller than TPP and the options of multiple maps and such make finding a game in OC almost impossible.

So the other issue is then If PUBG went the route of region locking may improve the situation slightly. Forcing the player base to have to play a specific set again could help BUT risk of backlash from a users lack of choice may force numbers to drop more.

An example, OC > Solo > FPP > Erangel Only would I'm sure to improve wait times, but then you lose a variety of choices which the casual player will always want. You have to always cater to the masses and that's the problem.


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12:00am Sep 26th 18

Pubg is surely fighting tooth & nail for not losing their player-base. This has been because of the early bugs queue times and whatnot, so on and so forth. 'Fix Pubg' campaign which was started by Pubg Corp looked like a desperate attempt by the game producers to save the game but this is going to take a lot more than just any campaign for making their impact in the Battle Royale genre, once again. Whether one likes the game or not but currently they are trailing behind Fortnite in the BR genre.