PC 1.0 Update #21

PC 1.0 Update #21

PC 1.0 Update #21

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  • MIC TEST UI/UX: Added the ability to test your MIC input within the game

Bug Fixes

  • UI/UX #02: Fixed the issue where, after connecting the XBOX controller to the PC, the drop-down menu would not appear to select the reason for reporting on the results screen.
  • CHARACTER POSITION #01: Fixed the issue where the position of the character who boarded a car is fixed at a very strange spot
  • CHARACTER POSITION #02: Fixed the issue of the character being shown in a different location.
  • CLONING: Fixed the issue when a character is moving by vehicle, the character is created in a unspecific location.
  • WEAPON RENDERING #01: Fixed the issue where the weapon is shown in a different position than where the character is holding it.
  • WEAPON RENDERING #02: Fixed issue where the weapon of the person being spectated is not rendered, causing a problem when this weapon goes into ADS mode.
  • CAMERA #02: Fixed the issue where the camera zooms in when approaching a corpse while lying down
  • CAMERA #03: Fixed the issue where the camera temporarily zooms in and out when approaching a window with glass and throwing a throwable.
  • SANHOK FIX #04: Fixed the issue where, on the Sanhok map, the character occasionally falls from the sky when situated at the very end of the sea.
  • BLUEZONE UI: Fixed the issue where the Bluezone timer UI occasionally decreased by 2 seconds.
  • UNDERWATER ANIMATION: Fixed the issue where the character is shown choppy from top to bottom when underwater and unable to move to dry land because of the terrain.
  • UAZ DAMAGE TAKEN: Fixed the issue where you sometimes received more damage comparatively to other vehicles when driving a UAZ and colliding with a landmark.
  • AFTERIMAGE: Fixed an issue where when unarming/arming a weapon quickly would cause the weapon to briefly display on the screen in the incorrect location (separate to the floating gun issue)
  • MONITOR RESOLUTION #01: Fixed an issue where 2560x1440 screen resolution wouldn’t display properly when using a 2560x1660 monitor.
  • MONITOR RESOLUTION #02: Fixed an issue which caused aspects of the UI to be cut off with monitor resolutions set higher than 1600x900.
  • DEATH CAM SHAKING: Fixed an issue where the screen would shake excessively when watching the deathcam of a player driving in a vehicle.
  • CHARACTER MOTION #03: Fixed the issue where after exiting the game while armed, the character model would appear to shake

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