fradda lft (LF CGA)

fradda lft (LF CGA)

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Looking for CGA team, open to trials etc

Alias: fradda
Role: AWP (But open to second AWP and/or rifle etc)
Age: 16
Location: QLD
Experience: - 1x CGA Season, A few half O seasons with disbands, 2x Pug Lan (QUT, BrisVegas)
Aims: Long term team, Improvement justified by amount of time/effort, Good team chem

(strengths and weaknesses are all obviously my opinion, if you have any thoughts on them please say so below so i can add them if they fit etc, criticism is appreciated)

Strengths: - Calm and collected, Aim, Dedication, Awareness ingame
Weaknesses: - Confidence, Movement can be off at times (usually due to confidence affecting my game)

Availability: (AEST) (Basically whenever except for school etc etc)
Monday-Friday: 4pm - 12
Saturday: all
Sunday: all - 12


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9:43pm Sep 21st 18

ill steal keycap sir!!

high a, kids a fucking god
bol mr jack


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9:47pm Sep 21st 18

very sharp, very active; can be inconsistent at times with a rifle but should def be considered for a mid a team x


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5:37pm Jan 12th 19



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5:38pm Jan 12th 19

great teammate, really good individual player. always positive and adds to the team environment tremendously. give him a trial, he deserves a shot. mid a, bol =D