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simpleX e-Sports Gaming - New CG Team - LF 2

simpleX e-Sports Gaming - New CG Team - LF 2

Thread started by luide55 on Wednesday, 4:57pm September 26th with 6 replies. Views: 584


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4:57pm Sep 26th 18

Hey guys,

simpleX e-Sports Gaming is looking for two members (one of them must be an experienced IGL).

We are a new team with 3 main players of great game sense and skill, and we also count with two players on the bench.

Hopefully our team will play in high CGO or low CGA. We will also play some Faceit championships once now and then (just the most important ones).

We practice everyday, from 6pm onward (some of us are online the whole day). However, availability for training and scrim can be discussed once we have gathered the whole squad.

What are we looking for:

  • Experienced IGL (can be awper or riffler)
  • More than 2500 hours of CS GO
  • non-toxic!
  • Available to watch our matches and discuss it with the team (has to know how to take criticism)
  • 16 years old minimum

What we can offer:
  • Daily training and a goal-oriented team
  • High-quality server located in Melbourne
  • Weekly scrims (at least 3 per week)

If you also want to improve your skill level everyday throughout hard work and dedication, join us and let's reach our goals together.



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5:12pm Sep 26th 18

highly motivated and extremely friendly bunch of guys. If anyone planing on starting their journey on CG I would definitely recommend to join these guys. BOL!


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5:12pm Sep 26th 18

Hey mate, for future reference put lft/lfm posts in the "Recruiting" forums. Just keeps the discussion forum clean and tidy


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10:17pm Sep 26th 18

Sent a PM

Mastcks <3

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12:40am Sep 27th 18

Seem like very nice people and committed to getting better! bol guys


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9:11am Sep 27th 18 - in reply to Lukeyssan's post

Thanks bud, will definitely do it.


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10:35pm Oct 11th 18