Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?

Thread started by SounDWav3 on Monday, 5:44pm October 1st with 10 replies. Views: 1,002


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5:44pm Oct 1st 18

I come onto this site for the first time in ages properly and everyone's gone? hello? Am I alone


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7:19pm Oct 1st 18

no there is literally no one here


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8:31pm Oct 10th 18

Same here. Website looks weird. I first joined 6 years ago when CoD4 Promod was around,and the site was amazing.


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8:40pm Oct 11th 18

Yeah same here, I hardly found 2, 3 users which are active and that's it

Mastcks <3

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11:03am Oct 16th 18

Seems like only cs is active these days


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11:18am Oct 16th 18

people move on, life happens


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12:01pm Oct 17th 18

Hello 8 years and still hustlin


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1:40pm Oct 19th 18

Exactly what I was thinking. What the fuck is with this shitty layout. Someone made some bad decisions.


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4:40pm Oct 19th 18

CG ruined its entire player base, all the money was coming from CGA yet they disregarded the players as germs and peasants, never gave a fuck about any of the games and just poured there heart and soul into CGP and the Casting Couch Studio, for what? for renegades to lose to every Chinese team possible

Clap Clap for the handicap


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10:38pm Oct 19th 18

Wtf is this layout?!? Did they seriously merge all consoles and PC together?


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6:43pm Oct 20th 18

websites been dead for a while now, layout is garbage like everyone else has mentioned and there is no real reason to stick around anymore.