CG Season 6 Information

CG Season 6 Information

CG Season 6 Information

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Hello everyone,

The Cybergamer PUBG Admins have decided to make several changes for Season 6; this is both applicable for Gold and Silver leagues.

Firstly, we want to make it clear of our intention to you, the players that we will do our utmost to keep the leagues running as smoothly as possible. We want to provide you with a good stable platform to play competitively the game we all enjoy being PUBG and that all aspects of the running of the leagues are kept to a high standard. Lately, we have let the ball slip. This was mainly noticed by Silver teams with the delays in creating lobbies for the running of matches. Also with the Gold League and the delays in scoring updates. I take responsibility for that and I do apologize. It was poor organisation on my behalf and have/will be taking steps to rectify it.

I’d also like to give a big thanks on behalf of the Cybergamer Admin team to reZ aka God for all his previous work, he still occasionally assists us with things but has taken a step back to focus on other things both within PUBG and in the real world. We hope to see him back within our fold soon and wish him all the best <3

Also Zenox, he is obviously our go-to guy for casting CG Gold, he is adored by you guys and the greater PUBG community and he sets a high standard with his Gold Coverage week in week out and we look forward to him continuing the great work he does. As always you can and should tune in to his stream here:

Now into the stuff that matters to your gameplay, the changes to the match/lobby settings. We will be taking the approach of implementing a singular format for all competitions within Cybegamer. This is to follow suit with changes made by Auzom, GLL and ESL. It is with this intention in mind that we hope all other competitions will follow suit locally, and more importantly will provide players with a singular format to play and excel in, instead of the current mixed bag over various competitions.

  • Circle settings will be changed to Competitive v3 settings.

  • Loot/Spawn settings will be changed to match the settings being used elsewhere.
  • - Sniper Rifles (1.3x spawn rate)
    - DMR (1.3x spawn rate)
    - AR (1.5x spawn rate)
    - ALL OTHER LOOT will be 1x spawn rate.
  • We will be bringing back Miramar into the competitive scene. 50/50 Split for both leagues. This will be done on a week on/off basis (eg. Week 1 Erangal, Week 2 Miramar etc)

We will be changing the number of teams per game lobby and reducing it from 18 teams to 16 teams. Thus this will mean Gold will be only 16 team league (read more below) First Place from CG Silver will be promoted to CG Gold. Relegations will be bottom 6 from CG Gold and 2nd - 8th/9th move into relegations from CG Silver making it 14 teams together and we will allow 2 spots for any injected teams. If no injected teams are created then the next in line from CG Silver will be moved up.

CG Gold teams are still required to adhere to the same rules in terms of player/roster changes. You can only perform two changes PER SEASON.

CG Silver can make unlimited changes till the halfway point of the season, thereafter rosters will be locked and only two changes can be made.

CG Gold will be run as a 16 team/8 week league with prize money going to the overall top 4 best performing teams (unlike our previous 4-week splits)
  • 1st - $2000 + Free Premium for next Season
  • 2nd - $1000
  • 3rd - $500
  • 4th - $500

CG Silver Prizemoney for Season 6 is as below.
  • 1st - $500
  • 2nd: $250
  • 3rd - 4th: $200
  • 5th - 8th: $150

CG Silver will also be an 8-week league to match with Gold (Unlimited teams, 16 per Lobby). With this scenario, we can push both leagues back a week or so if ever required.

*NOTE* - For this season it'll be bottom 8 from CG Gold and 2nd - 8th/9th from CG Silver, allowing again 2 injected teams to be created. If no injected teams the positions will go to the next team in line from CG Silver.

As stated above, next season as it will be 16 teams instead of 18. If a team is to disband after the first 4 weeks and CG Gold is left at 15 teams, the team who disbands will be punished and the team who is currently first in CG Silver will be auto-promoted to replace that team. If the team dies between Week 1 - 4, the players will be restricted/temporarily banned until the end of the season. If they would like to re-enter in relegations as an injected team making sure they meet the injected-criteria they can do so.

Calendar for next season

Relegations for Season 6 will be played on the 17th and 18th of October. It will be a BO10 with 5 games played on each day using the new settings that will be implemented and Miramar. So with that in mind, both maps will be played during Relegations. One day for each map.

- CG Gold/Silver will commence on the 24th of October (Wednesday)
- CG Gold/Silver will finish on the 12th of December (Wednesday)

Due to upcoming LANs, we will be sticking with the same format and that if a week break is needed, we will be more than happy to implement it and push the leagues back a week as required.

We understand some teams might disagree with these change but it is we believe the best for the community and we can see internationally it is becoming the format of choice. If you have any questions or do not understand any of the above, feel free to ask us questions!

The CG PUBG Team