SneakZ LFT High CGA

SneakZ LFT High CGA

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4:38pm Oct 3rd 18 and edited 2:17pm Feb 17th 19

Exsto has disbanded so looking for a high cga - faceit advanced / evo lvl team
Rifler only pls

Age: 15

Previous teams / experience
2 ish seasons worth of mid - high cga
Mc Academy (first half of cga was main lineup then sub)
ExstoG - disbanded halfway through season

Pretty consistent and can frag well
Pretty hard to actually tilt me
Don't tend to be toxic

? I like anime ?
Young so can't really attend lans and things that aren't in Sydney (Aswell as any tourneys that require 16+)
Can also be immature because of age
Talkative in certain environments

If you are interested please feel free to contact me on
Twitter @SneakZ_CS (Dm's are always open)


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4:46pm Oct 3rd 18

tried to get him to play for my low a team, declined :(

high A he's a good boy.


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4:46pm Oct 3rd 18

known sneakz for a while, he's always willing to give it his best shot. he's damn good, and definitely deserves a chance on a team willing to work with him. bol


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4:50pm Oct 3rd 18

High a easily, but sadly isn’t the body shot king


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4:59pm Oct 3rd 18

sneakz is fucking NUTS give him a spot on your team and a wacom pad right now


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5:05pm Oct 3rd 18 - in reply to Sneakzy's post

? I like anime ?

Quote from Sneakzy on the 3rd of October 2018


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5:18pm Oct 3rd 18

Sneakz is a fucking filthy weeb.

Nah, I love my man sneakz, had some fun times with this man on Vesper. The kid can frag well and consistently, aswell as being always positive which is a big plus in a team environment. Being at the young age of 14 also is another plus as he has heaps of time to improve.

He has no reason to doubt himself to reach invite level in the future for sure. Definetly high cga level atm, bol weeb.


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5:27pm Oct 3rd 18

he's actually nuts

too bad he sucks at dropshot and steals my money for money 10mans

high a i love u

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5:28pm Oct 3rd 18

my boy sneakz is a consistent fragged and can make big plays when needed to win out the round, any high a team that wants to succeed should give him a chance ??


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5:29pm Oct 3rd 18 and edited 11:51pm Mar 31st 19

good lad nice flicks cgm


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5:40pm Oct 3rd 18

best weeb au

high a bol


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5:53pm Oct 3rd 18

not high a from what i've seen, sharp but needs to learn more about teamplay before finals come into the question.


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6:47pm Oct 3rd 18

High A, be dumb not to give this boy a spot on your team. BOL <3


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7:06pm Oct 3rd 18

yeah nah yeah hes alright worth a try


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7:12pm Oct 3rd 18

High A for my anime boy! <3 sharp shooter and nice fella