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7:06pm Oct 4th 18

Looking for mid/high CGA
Age: 16 Location: Sydney
Positions: - Support - Rifle - Entry
Experience: - A bit of mid/low cga - Playing for 3 years - 3 seasons CGO - 1 season CGA - won 1 season of CGO
Times: play everyday finish around 9-10
Aims: To get better as a whole. getting better coms more experience, eventually make it into cgm
Strengths - I play well under pressure - Aim - Good awareness (I'm an aware player; I've got good game sense) - I am a dedicated player, so long as I receive the same respect and dedication from my team - Good at isolating 1v1s and getting opening frags - Good at anchoring on a site
Weaknesses - Making call outs (I sometimes stutter myself up in the confusion unfortunately) - Pistols (Most of the time I'm quite reasonable with them, pistol rounds are my strength, but throughout the game pistols aren't exactly my go to) - Can be overly aggressive at times - Head is everywhere - rotating too early

Looking for any dedicated team and one that has a high amount of practice hours and that I can create a great bond with. If you are interested please feel free to add me;



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7:53pm Oct 4th 18

low a


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7:55pm Oct 4th 18

mid a bol


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9:56pm Oct 4th 18

good shooter and clutcher

mid a bol

El Chupo Chango

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10:53pm Oct 4th 18

very good mechanically and plays well in clutches mid-high a BOL!


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10:59pm Oct 4th 18

real nice guy, hoping for the best for this man :->

mid-high a BOL <3

Mastcks <3

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7:43pm Oct 9th 18

Sharp aim will need to work on team play and coms a bit but could easily play mid A


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7:59pm Oct 9th 18

Mid-high cga


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9:19pm Oct 9th 18

low a i always see this guy swapping teams hope hes not the problem BOL


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7:14pm Oct 15th 18

Low-mid A bol


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10:09am Nov 6th 18



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11:38am Dec 7th 18

mid a xx


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9:33pm Dec 11th 18

bump AGAIN!!!