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Alias: MayheM(
Location: Melbourne,VIC(Originally from Pakistan)

LFT was able to grind my way up to level 6 at most on faceit, currently level 4, i believe i can improve with a better setup, and i have a pc that just needs a graphics card to get it running. Currently playing on a laptop with upto 200 fps at most. I have been playing since early 2000's, started with 1.6 then stopped playing for a while now back to CSGO. I have a lot of online experience with 1.6 tournaments, not as much for GO since i haven't found any teams, just played in pugs. Goals are for sure climbing up CG ladders and even going pro someday.

Position: Support/Entry/Lurker/Secondary Awper -> I can pretty much learn any roles the team might need me too, i am willing to put in the time required

Previous Experience:
Lan Gaming:
- Neomatrix Gaming Tournament 2009 - 2012
- Hi Octane Gaming Tournament 2010-2014
- WESG Pakistan 2011

Online Experience:
Pak Gaming Online Tournament 2006-2014
Past Teams:
1. 6inaRow(StoNey^, dANGER, n0FeaR.xD, MayheM, sM0!<e)
2. MouseSports(Aarzoo, ed1k, MayheM, uSaMa -A-, Sk1n)
3. Eagle Eye(M4J3Rw0w, MayheM, RaZeR, Tyt3, cyph)
4. Intex(Rusty, H4RMZ, MayheM, neo, pulse)

- Great compassion towards the game
- Decent aim
- Decent awper -> I've seen my peak, if i find the right team, i am willing to put in the time to become a great awper again
- A very positive attitude while in-game.

- Inconsistency
- Need to work on my smokes on certain maps, know them on others
- Bad mic quality, looking to upgrade very soon though

Availibility: Weekends, all day, week days, mostly 10pm to 3am, but there might be little room for changes.


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12:41pm Oct 6th 18

Deserve a chance in a decent team. Experienced player, seen him playing at his highest and lowest as well. Take him in your team if you're finding a guy who listens to all comms and deliver some decent frags in game. BoL


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3:22am Oct 7th 18

Fun to pug with , very mature, and would be great on a team. BOL my friend.


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5:32pm Oct 8th 18

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10:29pm Oct 11th 18

8==D good at roblox


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1:04am Oct 12th 18

Seems pretty decent would frag really well under a structured system


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5:05pm Oct 13th 18

nutty gamer !


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nutty gamer !

Quote from micalis on the 13th of October 2018
hahaha heyy, cheers!


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3:30am Oct 22nd 18

says he only wants to play cgo but he hs me in a faceit pug during warmup so i'd say he's pushing low-mid cgi


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hahahaahha cheers


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2:52am Oct 28th 18

mid-high cgo, has the brain capacity of tin canned tuna, delusional but i guess every ship needs an anchor!


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haters, haters eveywhere, funny how a cgm/mdl player can get so salty over a pug loss rofl