Ahrdy LFT mid/high A

Ahrdy LFT mid/high A

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Hey, guys, Parallax Gaming was fun and I love the boys from there but due to some reasons, I am no longer apart of the team and currently LFT. Looking for a mid/high team that I can slot into with some chill dudes that are dedicated and want to reach for the stars.
NAME: Ahrdy
AGE: 21
Location: Sydney
Role: Support, Rifler and IGL (new to IGL'ing which needs work)
Previous teams:
A couple of seasons in CGA Parallax Gaming - Trapzyy, MB, Ahrdy, Rawr and d0x
Xtreme Gaming - Trapzyy, MB, Ahrdy, Rain and d0x
Brisvegas #6 -apl div 4- -Various other online tournaments with Xtreme and Parallax.
Game knowledge - I like to believe that I can read the game pretty well.
Nade knowledge - know a lot of nades and lineups.
Supporting the team - I like to make the most out of a situation by helping out my teammates around me to succeed.
Time - I play whenever I am not at work.
Criticism - I can take criticism on my game and improve on it (i watch my own demos to see where I go wrong).
Mood - I never tilt in-game, I try to keep spirits up with the boys/girls (it's 2018 I don't judge).
Consistency - always consistent with scores.
Commitment - committed to improving every aspect of my game
CT - I am fairly good at anchoring sites and fragging decently


Work -
I mainly work Friday - Sunday which can be an issue but trying to get that sorted
IGL'ing - I can call the beginning of the round but mid round is when I just lose it a bit (working on that)

If interested, please dont hesitate to slide in my DMs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyBigAhrdy
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198801810030/
Faceit: https://www.faceit.com/en/players/Ahrdy


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3:08am Oct 12th 18

low-mid a needs major work


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3:23am Oct 12th 18

cute, tall, and pre funny.

good player mid A bol x


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10:20am Oct 12th 18

seemed pretty sharp in a few pugs ive played with him bol


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1:11pm Oct 12th 18

Top bloke, great vibe to have in a team. Good game knowledge and always looking to learn more, dedicated af, plus the man can frag and anchor down sites well.
Give the man a good start in a mid a team and he won't disappoint! Best of luck


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1:36pm Oct 12th 18

very committed player who would be a great pickup for a mid/high team. bol


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3:46pm Oct 12th 18



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mid a bol

he is trash


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11:57am Oct 15th 18

can trial any night this week


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1:46pm Oct 15th 18

underrated player, kind of gets shittalked in the community because 'he doesn't perform'. ive seen multiple times ahrdy has done well in teamplay. hopefully a good team picks you up <3


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5:45pm Oct 16th 18

solid mid a


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4:40pm Oct 21st 18



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10:04pm Dec 10th 18

Smart lad Mid-A. Sharp and good comms bol.


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10:13pm Dec 10th 18

havnt seen him in structured environments but very sharp in pugs gl


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10:19pm Dec 10th 18