JAY LFT. I'm back??

JAY LFT. I'm back??

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4:03am Oct 23rd 18

I don't even know where to look for teams anymore as the scene has changed a fair bit since my break! So I'll chuck a post here and see if anything comes up! Maybe some old friends will see this and have a spot open on their team ;)

I have come across some more availability during the weekdays for games/practice so looking at getting back into the game more seriously. Been concentrating on my own play as of late and getting back into the groove of the game, come off a long break with minimal game time (played here and there). My hours are a bit better with work, and could potentially get better again with a possible new job in the scope.

Looking for a dedicated team who want to improve together and move up the ladders. High CGa+ minimum. I don't even know how the laddering works here or faceit/esea ect anymore.

Can fill any role really. Prefer Entry or lurk, strong with the awp also.

Shoot me a message @ https://steamcommunity.com/id/jAYEEEE


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4:10am Oct 23rd 18

Happy to sub as well.


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1:32pm Oct 23rd 18

Pick him up , guy used to be a beast , played a few games with/against him. BOL


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3:24pm Oct 23rd 18

Can play over the next few nights


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3:28am Oct 25th 18

very fucking sharp, finals minimum


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2:18pm Oct 25th 18

Hes got the hops plus sharp shooting dont waste his time


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3:53pm Oct 25th 18

definitely a gamer


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6:33pm Oct 25th 18

got more experience under his belt then most, sharp gamer, should find an invite team fast


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7:10pm Oct 25th 18

v sharp in pugs, and v nice bol


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8:09am Oct 26th 18

Played an mm with the old codger

pretty much a paralytic, can only respond through blinks, needs to be taken off his life support.

jk trial him


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8:39am Oct 26th 18

played MM with him ages ago before he blocked me for being toxic but he is v sharp


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11:59am Oct 26th 18 - in reply to strat0s's post



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1:27pm Oct 26th 18

Might rock up to LAN hungover but still shoots straight. Recommend Jay for any decent team. BOL champ


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11:41pm Oct 30th 18

nice guy


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3:36pm Oct 31st 18

forknife gl low-mid a bol