WILL THIS WORK ? Way to cheat...

WILL THIS WORK ? Way to cheat in big lan tournament

WILL THIS WORK ? Way to cheat in big lan tournament

Thread started by wadapav on Monday, 10:35pm October 29th. Views: 353


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10:35pm Oct 29th 18 and edited 5:48am Oct 30th 18

Okay here is an idea to cheat in TI or any big live LAN tournament. Extreme way: develop dildo like shaped smartphone and shove it in your ass. Then have someone in the audience messages/massages you whenever you're about to get ganked. So with this technique you will have spider sense whenever the gank is coming lol. Possibly already in use way: Put smartphone in your panties or in taped to your body. and message. Seriously how can VALVE or TI organizers would know if someone is cheating like this? Imagine your teams carry has this spider sense and wont getting ganked. This gives so much edge.
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3:33am Oct 30th 18 - in reply to wadapav's post

Wow, I think you're on to something here, valve need to start doing anal cavity search at all comps