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2:12pm Oct 31st 18

Hey guys crOW here, after playing a season with Phoenix Esports iam currently searching for a new team. hopefully mid-high cgo/a


STATE: South Australia


IRL NAME: Jakeob

HOURS: 4-5k hours on multiple accounts, roughly 1.3k hours of demo reviews and professional league analytics

ROLES: Rifler, entry fragger. Can play any role besides igl.

PREVIOUS TEAMS: Phoenix Esports, Lucid, Vikings, Extremity CS

AVAILABILITY: iam available pretty much every day and available on weekends, however school activites may pop up but able to work around it the majority of the time. Wanting to grind out the game and being able to practice with a team that is also dedicated and willing to put in the hard work to get better.


- Good Accuracy with Rifles
-Positive with teammates and enemies
- Quick learner
-Open to new strats
-can obtain new roles easily and flexible
-Available to train and play every night. ( may differ due to last year of school)
-good with pistols

-need some training with more experienced players
-can improve on different smoking spots
-not a very loud person, can cause mis communication in some cases.
- Can be inconsistent at times
- Can get unmotivated when losing

hit me up on steam if your interested :)

Discord: crOW #5034


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2:18pm Oct 31st 18

Great player who would be a great addition to any team. Great rifler and god with the Deagle! High CGO/Low A


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10:29pm Oct 31st 18

Interested, let’s chat ????


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11:02pm Oct 31st 18

Played with and against, Sharp aim and comms, give him a shot BOL


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5:25pm Jun 28th 20

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10:18pm Jun 29th 20