deezy lft :S

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12:25pm Nov 8th 18

AGN came to an end, have nothing but love for the boys

-Can play any role but preferably support

-Can IGL if needed

Looking for a CGI FFYI worthy team, but open to all offers


2x CGA finals
1x CGI sub


ESEA + Faceit:


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12:33pm Nov 8th 18

sick player :*


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12:34pm Nov 8th 18

Absolutely love this man, good bloke and sharpie. P I C K T H I S M A N U P !


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1:23pm Nov 8th 18

nice man, good banter and good head on shoulders, bol deez


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1:49pm Nov 8th 18

Sharp, smart likes to have a dart high a+


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2:27pm Nov 8th 18

very sharp and a smart gamer, high a bol


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2:45pm Nov 8th 18

Really good attitude and mindset when it comes to the game, still has a lot to learn and he will definitely learn a lot from playing div 2.
He can compete in the environment and keep up, just needs a full season of div 2 to fully show what he's capable of.

ez deezy lemon squeezy


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3:10pm Nov 8th 18

such a good guy, very aware & can easily boost your ego. ffyi minimum for the lawyer


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3:18pm Nov 8th 18

Most down to earth, no bullshit IGL I've played with. Deezy keeps attitudes and spirits high and makes every game enjoyable. He is extremely smart, bringing a new approach to the game, and he frags hard as well. love u babe xo


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5:01pm Nov 8th 18

Known this retard for a while now, I don't usually check the forums or go out of my way to comment on it but for this bloke I will do that.
Top guy, has a good mindset for the game and can surprise people with a sneaky 40 bomb in a game of APL.


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5:18pm Nov 8th 18

lucky pickup for any ffyi team looking for a cute individual like deez.

The mans is very smart and sharp, can deffo hold his own in a div 2 team wowowie

bol dan x


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5:24pm Nov 8th 18

something nice


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5:39pm Nov 8th 18

fantastic player and great dude :)


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5:50pm Nov 8th 18

great attitude in games and outside of team prac etc. Never tilts and always gives it 100% to his team mates. Lots of impacts in rounds and certainly can hold his own. bol lawyer now buy me a house


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6:30pm Nov 8th 18

Bullies me on faceit, mid A BOL