A Chinese perspective on Skem/...

A Chinese perspective on Skem/COL incident

A Chinese perspective on Skem/COL incident

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Hi guys, I am a Chinese national and live in Canada for 9 years. Just like most of you, I enjoy Dota as a game and I spend lots of time on both Weibo and Reddit for Dota 2 information and update. Until recently, the unfortunate thing happened, Skem from COL all chatted "chingchong" in a tournament game and that caused a blacklash in CN Dota community, I am seeing tons of people turning from "No racism comments should not be tolerated in professional Dota scene" to "Chinese are little babies let them cry". Personally I am feeling really bad and as someone who just loves Dota, this thing is turning into something bad and it could literally jeopardize the TI and Major that are scheduled to take place in China in 2019. TO WESTERN DOTA PLAYERS: CN Dota community is completely different, as far as I see, influential players like BurNing or Xiao8, they have millions of fans and anything they say, people can take them very seriously or just blindly follow, I have to be honest but most of the Chinese lack of ability to think independently, and if something like this and the influential players say something like "let's boycott Valve and not giving them money", they will actually do it, and maybe just 1% can make a huge impact to Dota community because of the base population. I hope people could understand that CN Dota is a healthy Dota community, let's think about all the advanced Chinese memes, great artwork posted on Reddit by Chinese artist and great connections established between CN and the rest of the world. That's the fun part of the game, I really appreciate that Valve brings everybody together by doing TI each year so it gives a great chance to people to meet other players from different cultures, which closes the gap between all different Dota communities. Many people say why Chinese are being so sensitive to this little kid's word. Well, Chinese are really sensitive and fragile towards to any racism comments due to the terrible and dark history over the past 200 years. Chinese in fact urge to get approval and recognition from West on their achievements but the way Chinese has done is actually pushing people in another direction. Part of it also because of Western Propaganda. PLZ PLZ don't take what some stupid Chinese people have done personal, China is a great country and I look forward to Chongqing Major and TI9 in Shanghai. TO CHINESE DOTA PLAYERS: Let's put our ego and pride aside for this, what we are doing is just going to create more chaos and destroy our reputation. What Skem said is definitely unacceptable and he deserved a serious punishment. But on our side, we need to be more open-minded and learn English so we can communicate with other players more effectively. See other non-English speakers in TI when they take interviews, most of them can speak proper English but every Dota player needs a translator. I am not saying this is bad, but at least learn basic ones so at least people know you are engaging and trying to let others know what you are thinking. Also stop portraying CN dota as CN vs. World, this is just going to further increase the gap between CN and Western Community. ?????????????????????????????????????CN?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Po bad reviews ?steam ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????CN dota??????????????????????????dota?????????????????Major??TI?????????????????????????????? Communication discrepancies are what causing the CN and other Dota communities split. Why are we being so mean and close-minded to each other while this brilliant game Dota is trying to bring everyone together. Valve please say a few words about this incident to appease Chinese audience as they are at the end of the day, your customers. In the meantime, I will be dedicated to eliminate the discrimination and discrepancies at CN and other Dota communities. Thanks.https://akinator.ooo/ https://xender.vip/ https://kik.onl/