SaVage LFT (Mid/High CGA)

SaVage LFT (Mid/High CGA)

SaVage LFT (Mid/High CGA)

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9:00am Nov 9th 18 and edited 9:43am Nov 26th 18

Alias: SaVage
Hours: 3500+ (3 years)
Age: 13
LFT: Mid/High A

Role: Rifler, Support, Lurk, Entry and can AWP if desired.

Aims: Looking to play for a Mid/High CGA team. Even though I'm young, I strive to improve every aspect of my gameplay and to learn, watch and absorb knowledge from better players. Looking for a stable team that is committed, because I've had a fair share of people who aren't.:D

Availability: Every night from 4 pm AEDST, and most hours over the weekends.

Strengths: Always looking to improve, is a team player, has good communication, and try's my best to be mature for being such a young player.

Weaknesses: Gets frustrated if players on the team aren't trying. Also gets annoyed if players on team and trolling and stuffing around in officials.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

- Oden ESC (CGO) - WarCat, Complex, Hazard (Split up)
- Dislekek (CGO) - Harsh, Complex, Hazard (Split up)
- Unknown Esports (CGA) - Zym, Bones (Split up)
- Remorse (CGO Finals) - Complex, Harsh, Bumble, Hazard, Versa (Split up)

Contact me on steam for trials: (Make sure to comment on my profile (or in this thread) why you are adding me because I get a lot of invites from bots and randoms :D)


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10:34am Nov 9th 18

best team you have been on was getting carried. high o- low a bol


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11:28am Nov 9th 18

dece aim but his age really shows ;;


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11:41am Nov 9th 18

mid a bol


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7:26pm Nov 9th 18

low-mid A BOL


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8:54pm Nov 9th 18

high o low a


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8:56pm Nov 9th 18

Not high A, low A-mid A maximum


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10:17pm Nov 9th 18

low A bol


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10:57am Nov 10th 18

decent aim but his age really shows agree with kayoh


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11:24am Nov 10th 18 - in reply to trigiwnl's post

arent u the same age hehehe jk jk xx


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12:12pm Nov 10th 18 - in reply to Bumble1's post

im not immature though : P


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7:33pm Nov 11th 18

toxic & immature.

Please remove Team A!R from your past teams, you where trialed & then removed 4 days later.


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7:45am Nov 26th 18 and edited 9:43am Nov 26th 18

Sorry ward ill remove it now


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7:46am Nov 26th 18 and edited 9:42am Nov 26th 18

Ward the last time I played with you I was 12 years old. In the last year I have been working on my maturity and I think I have improved a lot, maybe we should have a game sometime


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8:00am Nov 26th 18 and edited 9:42am Nov 26th 18

Trigs lol <3