Looking for active 10s communi...

Looking for active 10s community (PS4)

Looking for active 10s community (PS4)

Thread started by Iunars on Friday, 1:36pm November 9th with 4 replies. Views: 343


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1:36pm Nov 9th 18 and edited 3:00pm Nov 9th 18

I'll make it short and sweet, looking for a couple players to have regular 10s going. Add me on ps4 @ WHEELCHAIR_PETE and I'll send out invites regularly.
Cheeers x


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5:45pm Nov 9th 18

Added you dude


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6:33pm Dec 5th 18

Hey i added you my dude! @ZxpZep


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8:43am Dec 6th 18

added you


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2:38pm Dec 6th 18

adding you!

psn: Jhamz31