As a player switching from lea...

As a player switching from league to dota.

As a player switching from league to dota.

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I think the game can be really good at times I enjoy actually fighting in lane instead of waiting for a gank. I do not however understand some characters weaknesses and how they are ever actually counterable. IE weaver with his w a sentry can counter him but he can buy one and one shot your ward add that with a blight stone and you literally can never outtrade him. With so many characters there are some I see almost every game(I do understand there will be a meta game) but Pudge is in almost every game I play(always blink atos so he is extra interactive) its not that he is uncounterable he is just super annoying as he can sit there for 2-3 minutes waiting for a kill. I have started dota by playing support I do like offlane but i stay away from first and second roles because if I wanted to play a slow avoid everything game I would play league. I was also wondering why characters like Lion get to keep their lock on based Q were nyx gets shafted. Also why can't I jungle without being considered a troll I love NP but lanes with him can be tough since I regularly have 3 people in my lane. Many of my complaints are probably something I will grow used to. I just wanted to know how you deal with these annoyances in league I can just ban most of the annoyances but that doesn't always work in dota since its semi random.