China Supermajor Casting!!

China Supermajor Casting!!

China Supermajor Casting!!

Thread started by dantengwen on Tuesday, 11:35pm November 20th. Views: 367


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So guys the last major of the DPC is starting tomorrow and I will be casting it once again but we're gonna do things slightly different this time . Based on feed back I have received from people who tuned in as well as ideas I got to make viewing experience better I will implement the following main changes among others . I will cast only games of EG and team secret as these are the teams I've followed closely and I can give deeper insight into the drafting and startegies that you probably won't get from the regular tournament streams . I might have a co caster on for some games . Someone asked me last time if they could join me but unfortunately his schedule didn't permit . This isn't for sure though as he said he may be busy. An idea someone gave me in twitch chat was to read through reddit threads after series for some fun and memes and I think it'll be a great idea and am going to do it. I will set the standard stream quality to 720p and viewers can adjust from anything ranging from 144p to 760HD. In between games and series if you guys want you guys can give me ids for any of your games you want me to analyze and coach on (please keep them below 4k avg MMR though because I don't think I'd be helpful above that ) Other than all these if there's anything else you guys would like feel free to let me know and I'll do all I can to make it happen. Also I have a huge surprise planned but I may or may not be able to pull it off for this tournament (will happen for TI for sure tho). The aim is to provide unique content you guys can't get from watching the regular stream for the games . Hope to see you all there, I know it's super early for us Indians (starts at 730am T_T ) but hope some of you will drop in .


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I was watching Supermajor 2018. It took all my nerves... More information -