Crash issues

Crash issues

Crash issues

Thread started by martinbaker2727 on Thursday, 11:32pm November 29th with 2 replies. Views: 381


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11:32pm Nov 29th 18 and edited 8:40pm Nov 30th 18

Hi guys, here are 2 updates on the crashing issues that may help resolving your problems if you are: - Crashing on start up since PC Update #15 - Crashing on start up + crashing when exiting to lobby If your game crashes upon launching since the PC Update #15 please check the following: Check if you see any files that do not begin with "pakchunk" in the following game folder: "PUBG/TslGame/Content/Paks/" Please look at the picture of the folder below for reference and if you do see any files that do NOT begin with "pakchunk" please delete them. Those are leftover files from a corrupted steam update download that some players have experienced. Deleting these files and leaving only the ones that begin with "pakchunk" in that folder will resolve your crashing issue. Img.png.8f9a5f25f26f57e8ecd5517845909d98.png If your game has been crashing when launching it and when exiting back to lobby even before the PC Update #15, it is likely that you are suffering from a hardware/bios related issue. If you own an AMD CPU and an MSI motherboard please try contacting the MSI support in order to get help updating your BIOS. Multiple players have reported that there may have been an issue with the driver that was causing the crashes and that they now no longer have the issues.


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9:09pm Jul 11th 19

There was a lot of issue of crashing and lagging in older version but after several updates, this issue has been fixed and now you could adjust your display settings in order to play it freely.


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7:31pm Jul 30th 19

After updating the windows 10, my windows 10 startup folder is not working and I am not able to find out the reason behind this issue I also checked but did not get any valid solution. Can anyone tell me why such kind of error has occurred?