LF2 - Cherry Gals high CGA/fin...

LF2 - Cherry Gals high CGA/finals

LF2 - Cherry Gals high CGA/finals

Thread started by BIG_KAHUNA2k19 on Saturday, 5:47pm December 1st with 7 replies. Views: 584


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5:47pm Dec 1st 18

Hello Everyone,

Cherry Gals(Eminence) is currently LF2, we are looking for an IGL and rifler who have played high A/finals.

The current core 3 is pinguisop, Lazah and magidog.

The rifler will most likely be an Entry, however, this is obviously something that can shift over time depending on what the IGL sees fit.

For any enquiries add me on steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/magidog/ or contact Lazah at https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198116857999/

Peace and thank you for your time.


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6:06pm Dec 1st 18

good players ez finals


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10:05pm Dec 1st 18

would've beaten us if it wasnt for unlucky powercuts, good lads. BOL


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11:07pm Dec 1st 18

actual insane, dont waste time they will be playing finals next season


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4:55pm Dec 3rd 18

Still looking for an IGL


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12:17pm Dec 4th 18



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5:43pm Dec 4th 18

added you to trial


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6:23pm Dec 4th 18

added you to trial