AngryeBB - Banned

AngryeBB - Banned

Thread started by deezys on Thursday, 6:23pm December 6th with 79 replies. Views: 8,446


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6:23pm Dec 6th 18

After receiving new evidence in relation to the user AngryeBB, the admin team has decided to ban the user for 2 years for cheating. Understandably this may seem confusing due to the previous vindication of this user, however, the evidence presented was overwhelming and irrevocable. Rest assured, we, the admin team are certain that this is the right path forward and hope that the community can work together to ensure that our platform continues to thrive with the exceptions of those that choose to ruin it for others.

If you wish to speak to any of the admins in relation to the situation, feel free to contact us.







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6:27pm Dec 6th 18

Is this final?


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6:28pm Dec 6th 18

should have let him go to lan


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6:28pm Dec 6th 18

HAHAH nice a few more bans and we gucci


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6:29pm Dec 6th 18

Do trident get the spot at lan?


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6:31pm Dec 6th 18

i think you need to look at mal on that team aswell


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6:32pm Dec 6th 18

Everyone say BYEBYE SUMFECTZZ again
Ah, how beautiful is an ego being humbled


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6:35pm Dec 6th 18 - in reply to jtr's post

mal brutally fucks me at 2v2 lan's every single week


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6:37pm Dec 6th 18

if ive ever seen a case worthy of harbors this is it


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6:38pm Dec 6th 18

Does anyone else want to see the video? Because I'd like too, IRREFUTABLE! UNDENIABLE! UNRELEASED!


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6:42pm Dec 6th 18

Shit - forgot to forum ban too, my bad.


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6:43pm Dec 6th 18

Have a look at Laozie and Mal too


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6:46pm Dec 6th 18

i would love to indulge myself in the indisputable evidence


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6:46pm Dec 6th 18 - in reply to jtr's post

wat makes u say Mal cheats
(not trying to start anything i just wanna know)


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6:47pm Dec 6th 18

wow,,, turns out he wasn't just preaiming flowerbed!!! haha who would have thought!!! haha!!!

cybergamer is on the frickEN up & UP!