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11:46pm Dec 6th 18

As the title implies, I am looking to compete in the cybergamer scene as a player in the open league.

Age: 17

- Experience in both CGA and CGO as both IGL and support / rifler.
- Free almost 24/7 (Flexible hours).
- Good aim + sprays (decent understanding of game mechanics).
- Decent movement and utility usage.
- Non-toxic, able to get along with anybody.
- Committed so you know I wont miss prac.
- Good gamesense from experience.
- I know the snipers from T smoke on Mirage, so you know i'm CGP material.

- 60hz monitor.
- Can be clueless under pressure.
- VAC ban on MW2


Down to trial whenever hmu on this post or steam, leave a comment if adding on steam.


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11:49pm Dec 6th 18

decent aim but sometimes clueless, also sometimes misses the snipers smoke on mirage.

high a bol


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2:29pm Dec 7th 18



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6:02pm Dec 15th 18

Hey man, im looking for players to come run some scrims if you would be down?

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