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6:58pm Dec 9th 18

Enough of the yadayada let me join your team and rip some cga heads off while i get more experience in the Aus scene.

Let me get in a server with you and show you what i have to offer.

Age: 20

Location: Perth

Nationality: Australian

I'm a highly motivated player, always available to train everyday.
I also believe i have what it takes to elevate this scene to the next level in 2019.

As others say;; If the team isn't committed I will lose motivation.

Competed under the names : Jappr, Jap-FLY and SOTR.


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7:58pm Dec 9th 18

Low A big ego


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8:07pm Dec 9th 18

ripping heads off is illegal


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2:46pm Dec 10th 18

Good teammate with a sharp aim. Aggressive, can be an excellent entry and has no fear of engaging in battle when needed.
Can still improve his nade game and communication, but acknowledges it and is working towards it.
Japp is online every day and grinds hard, he will always be studying the game and trying to bring new ideas to the team (might be a good IGL).


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8:28pm Dec 31st 18



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9:53pm Jan 11th 19

Still looking to trial with a team.


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6:00am Jan 15th 19

below average player in all aspects that likes to harbor cheaters


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1:01am Feb 5th 19 - in reply to WHARE's post

Whare you're a salty fat fuck just 1v1 me once you get out the psych ward either way all you do is bitch about how JJ won't suck your micro penis anymore.


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1:15am Feb 5th 19 - in reply to JAP's post

join my team


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9:11am Feb 5th 19 - in reply to JAP's post

how cooked are you champ?