Clutchyy LFT CGI+

Clutchyy LFT CGI+

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8:03pm Dec 9th 18

Hello Guys,

I'm looking for a team after a break from the competitive scene.

I'm currently looking for a CGI+ team; does not have to be in CG, just an understanding of what I am looking for.
I have past seasons playing in CGM-CGI.

Looking to play any role

Prev Teams: Exsto Gaming - Clutchyy, Vexite, REIGN, Stingrayz, DannyG [Role: Awp and IGL] (CGA, MDL, Faceit Advanced)
Team Obsidium - Clutchyy, Nope, ATESY, Klownie, dasher [Role: Rifle] (CGI)
Cortex - Clutchyy, turbo, fpsbaba, Nope, Stingrayz [Role: Rifle] (CGM)
Conspiracy [SUB] - Catalyst, Ayrez, Crunchy, KStaar, Fluke, Clutchyy [Role: Sub] (CGI, ESEA Open)
Conspiracy Black - Clutchyy, SenpaiMadara, JP, dAt, [Role: IGL] (CGA)


  • Average CGI aim
  • Commited
  • Always on time
  • Can play any role
  • Entry fragging
  • Good at late game
  • Understand flow of the game
  • Level headed
  • Awping
  • IGLing (Some people may disagree)
  • General understanding of game
  • Motivated


  • I might have some sort of autism so I panic with calls if I have to make them quick
  • I do not like IGLing on some sort of scale
  • I lose concentration when yelled at (or just yelling ingame in general)
  • Troll a lot (Outside of teamplay)
  • Can be immature a lot of the times (working on it)


24/7 I do not go to school

Location: New Zealand; can travel for lans etc

Age: 16

P.S Admins pls no removo I don't know how to change the other LFT things, and they're out dated


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8:05pm Dec 9th 18

absolute wep


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8:52pm Dec 9th 18

Can frag easily at that level


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9:10pm Dec 9th 18

not worth, very manipulative and just overall negative in and out of the game

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9:38pm Dec 9th 18

seems very egotistical and toxic


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10:43pm Dec 9th 18

hiiiiiiii ~~ my name is C***** but i prefer the name Clutchyy :3 Im bi hhehe and just turned 15 last september and i loove animuu xD d-don't hesitate to talk to me once I get over my shy phase i'm really quirky and talkative and all that stuff o3o Also I like to roleplay (lewd i know hehhe owo) and i recently got intobdsm, i'm very kinky and all that x_x Currently i'm searching for a team, my ex-team left me and I'm still very sad://// ;( I-I hope i'll be welcome here -///-;;; uwu;;


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10:53pm Dec 9th 18

Good kid very sharp


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12:47am Dec 10th 18 - in reply to Clutchyy's post

Conspiracy Black - Clutchyy, SenpaiMadara, JP, dAt, [Role: IGL] (CGA)

Quote from Clutchyy on the 9th of December 2018
Conspiracy Black - Clutchyy, SenpaiMadara, JP, dAt, jayk


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3:25am Dec 10th 18

Toxic af & poor attitude, needs time to mature


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2:45pm Dec 10th 18

Could be high cgi-cgp if it wasn’t for his attitude in game and out. Hopefully he can wisen up before it’s too late. BOL


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8:37pm Dec 13th 18

Pretty strong player! Always asks questions in game and is always focused on improving. Plus he is really nuts, any high cgi team should pick him up! BOL dude.


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1:37am Dec 14th 18

BOL to the one and only south african professional team killer


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10:35am Dec 14th 18

toxic but gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood xd


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12:11pm Dec 14th 18

Pretty immature and overall toxic in and out of game, but sharp as
If he matures could be easily CGI +


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7:01pm Dec 16th 18


- Bad at lan