MC LAN: Sydney | Feb 2nd 2019

MC LAN: Sydney | Feb 2nd 2019

MC LAN: Sydney | Feb 2nd 2019

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MC LAN: Sydney 2019

By creating this LAN we want to focus on bringing the community together, to help grow the grassroots of esports and to push the boundaries wherever possible.

We would like to welcome Sydney as the host of the first MC LAN taking place on February 2nd 2019 located at FBI Gaming Centre Haymarket.

FBI Gaming Centre Haymarket has given us the opportunity to host the LAN, giving us access to systems fitted with 144hz monitors and great specs.

*Please note* This is a non-sponsored event. All associated costs go directly into the prize pool. All associated costs of LAN hire, travel (admins) and a percentage of the prize pool have been covered by MC ESPORTS. This is our way to give back to you all, the amazing community of CSGO.

If you'd like to see more LAN's from us across Australia in 2019, share your pre and post LAN hype. Whether you're at home watching or playing on the day, we want to hear about in any way shape or form!

LAN Format

The LAN will using a round robin format with 2 groups of 4. One group will be starting in the morning, group 2 starting in the afternoon. The top 2 teams from both groups will move into finals being played within the evening.

The grand final will be played on the LAN stage featuring systems fitted with 240hz monitors, Nvidia 1080's and Intel i7's.

Games will be streamed throughout the day on the MC Twitch Channel.

Prize Pool

MC is focused on helping people of all different walks of life, which is why we have decided to alter the prize pool to help not only our community but also others in need.

The winning team will select a charity to donate a portion of their prize money to upon completion of the tournament ($100 of $700 first place prize).

1st: $700 ($600 Takehome, $100 Charity)
2nd: $200 ($200 Takehome)

Signups and other information

Sign up:



Where: LEVEL 1, 1 DIXON ST, Sydney, Australia 2000

Cost: $25/player | Free/spectator

Timeline: Will be released later

Contact us

Jaime (Co-owner of MC) |
Jordan (Co-owner of MC) |
Tham (Event manager and marketing) |
Jess (Community manager) |


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WOOHOOo!!!! :DDDDD lowkey remove charity part


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lft for this =)


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14yr old 6'3' mammoth lft


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will there be perth lan @Tham or is it to early 2 say ?


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