Why can't you enter training m...

Why can't you enter training mode offline or solo ?

Why can't you enter training mode offline or solo ?

Thread started by hennry on Tuesday, 6:18pm December 11th. Views: 371


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6:18pm Dec 11th 18 and edited 4:52pm Dec 13th 18

Seriously? It's intolerable... assholes everywhere constantly dumping mags, tossing grenades and mowing you down with vehicles while you're trying to set up equipment or get some decent range time in.It absolutely baffles Movies series world me that they would put something as cool as training mode into the game and then just leave it as an unusable troll-fest. As a player just now returning to the game I'd really like an opportunity to explore the new equipment and brush up on my skills without constantly being punched, shot, run over, or having to tolerate the constant noise..


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7:34pm Jan 23rd 19

I can not also but I think we have to pay to be the Ace member for example to possible