MC LAN: Sydney | Feb 2nd & 3rd...

MC LAN: Sydney | Feb 2nd & 3rd 2019

MC LAN: Sydney | Feb 2nd & 3rd 2019

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Due to the overwhelming applications for our LAN we have decided to add another LAN the following day on February 3rd 2019.
The format will still run exactly the same just with the addition of another 8 team LAN.

Saturday will host the Pro LAN, all teams were selected via a points system to ensure the appropriate teams were met.
Sunday will host the amateur LAN were all teams selected were done by first in first serve.

LAN Format

The LAN will using a round robin format with 2 groups of 4. One group will be starting in the morning, group 2 starting in the afternoon. The top 2 teams from both groups will move into finals being played within the evening. The grand final will be played on the LAN stage featuring systems fitted with 240hz monitors, Nvidia 1080's and Intel i7's. Games will be streamed throughout the day on the MC Twitch Channel.

Prize Pool

MC is focused on helping people of all different walks of life, which is why we have decided to alter the prize pool to help not only our community but also others in need.

The winning team will select a charity to donate a portion of their prize money to upon completion of the tournament ($100 of $600 first place prize).

1st: $600 ($500 Takehome, $100 Charity)
2nd: $150 ($150 Takehome)

Teams for Saturday:
- Large Phallused men: Doom, Yetibacon, towski, Plixx, Dissonance
- Crayola: Hazr, MC, Noisia, Prodigy, DANZ
- MIVN: Kingbig, Pecks, M1st, Mizu, Hatz
- Pork: 1ukey, Void, Minii, Bryaz, Zemp
- Consistency: Kzr, Churchdog, Sqx, Zorbot, Del
- Bigdog: Nate, Falcon, Strax, Godgrizz, Mal
- Tots first LAN: Bl1tz, Pan1k, Lacore, tot, Chub
- LAN Alumni: Cozeh, Nova, Moeycq, jimneso, Vibez
- (next In line 1) 6ft +: Spidok, Nick0, deadset, dani, jkr
- (next In line 2) m_mouseaccel1: Tim1, M4jor, Teal, k9, Exxy
- (next In line 3) FairDINKum: ruokcj, shaw, bizkit, blurberryz, platinum

Teams for Sunday:
- Skynet: CONZ, rincon, Wizz, deMo, jaegR
- Exile esports: Jordstar, Atnw0n, Cazza, JSC, Niz
- Genuine Gaming Academy: CR1M, Markzke, archie, fidzeh, pouzet
- Senseus esports: JayW, Adz, MarQ, Tyson, Inspire
- Sneakz is 12: SneakZ, Mavzy, TeeenTeee, Skyrie, Crypt1c
- Underage drinkers: KREEPZ, flashyy, Hazard, Versa, Tax
- m_mouseaccel1: Tim1, M4jor, Teal, K9, Exxy
- FairDINKum: ruokcj, shaw, Bizkit, blurrberryz, platinum
- (next In line 1) John Cena: c0mb0, Igamer, KFC, bumble, xrz
- (next In line 2) Funky Monkeys: kyson, Jayzee, nameci, dedaoler, yor1mato
- (next In line 3) In the lab: Isooooo, spookl, Fudog, Copping LG, Kayms

Payment information:
- All payments are to be made through PayPal by the 16th of Jan
- Entry fee $26, per player
- Send payment to [email protected] via PayPal with your IGN (In game name) and Team name

Contact us

Jaime (Co-owner of MC) |
Jordan (Co-owner of MC) |
Tham (Event manager and marketing) |
Jess (Community manager) |


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4:56pm Dec 27th 18

Enjoy folks


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5:20pm Dec 27th 18

probably wrote it somewhere but is this double elim or?


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5:42pm Dec 27th 18

this LAN is literally SO STACKED, please stream group matches for the fans


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5:49pm Dec 27th 18



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9:13pm Dec 27th 18

lft if anyone drops out hmu


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12:12am Dec 28th 18

also happy to replace someone if they aren't able to go,

Heaps of lan experience


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3:38pm Dec 28th 18

Looking to sub hit me up!!


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12:54am Dec 31st 18

lft for this if someone drops out


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2:45am Jan 3rd 19

Surely adding more teams


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5:28pm Jan 4th 19

If some of them are being streamed, can I cast a couple games while I'm there when not playing?


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5:52am Jan 7th 19

cant wait to win this lan


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6:09pm Jan 7th 19

Happy to fill spots if any players drop, hmu <3


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8:59pm Jan 7th 19

IS that a sneaky Exile i see