PUBG Season 6 Relegations

PUBG Season 6 Relegations

PUBG Season 6 Relegations

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The relegation series is BO10 and will be held over Wednesday and Thursday 9th/10th January from 6:45pm AEDT. 5 matches of Erangel will be played on Wednesday and 5 matches of Miramar will be played on Thursday. The lobby will be created at 6:30pm and your team will have 15 minutes to get into the server. Each game after the first will start 5 minutes after the lobby has been posted. Admins hosting the game will be strict on this start time as we want to get the games done as fast as possible so we don't end up playing deep into the morning. All players competing are required to have a silver subscription or higher to compete.

Following relegations both the Silver and Gold leagues will start on the 23rd of January. The top 10 teams from the previous season will retain their spot in the Gold league assuming they meet the player requirements as stated in the PUBG ruleset ( The top 5 teams from relegations will move into the Gold league to complete the 16 teams for the upcoming season and should any teams that placed top 10 not retain the required number of players the next highest placing team in relegations will be moved up to replace them.

All team rosters must be finalized by 7pm AEDT on the 8th of January and your team must meet the player requirements. If you are unable to get a full roster sorted one day before the series starts you will be removed and the next highest placing team from Silver will be placed into relegations.

If you qualify into Gold, your relegation roster is FINALIZED IMMEDIATELY and you are allowed to make 2 rosters swaps for the remainder of the season. Your relegation roster can have up to 6 players on it, however must have a minimum of 4. You are advised to try and have 5 on your roster if possible, you are disadvantaged by choosing to only have 4.

As we haven't been approached by anyone looking to create an inject worthy team the following teams will be competing in the relegation series:
We Back
Justice Esports
Fox Gaming
Team 404
New Genesis
Carnage Esports
Rebs Rats
Paradox Gaming
Sleeper Gaming
RIOT Gaming
Crimson Gaming
Invictus Esports
Injected team or OTG Esports

If you would still like to create an injected team you must contact a CG admin by the 2nd of January. After this time we will no longer be accepting injected teams to be placed into relegations.