Rat Crew LF1 Awp/Entry/IGL

Rat Crew LF1 Awp/Entry/IGL

Rat Crew LF1 Awp/Entry/IGL

Thread started by MentalJack on Wednesday, 11:54pm January 9th with 9 replies. Views: 871


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11:54pm Jan 9th 19 and edited 4:33am Jan 10th 19

Due to our 5th(del) getting a pretty decent offer, we're in need of a new member.

The current core 4 is Andrew, MentalJack, Narnz, Negroid. We've been a team now for roughly 3 months, placing 3rd in the Offseason CG comp and 3rd in Faceit Open. We're looking to play Faceit Advanced next season, and go for CGM FFYI/CG A.

What we're after:
16+, must be in control of your schedule.
Have to be able to play weekends, and be available some days during the week after 4pm Syd time.
Willing to practice theory/dry runs etc.
Open to constructive criticism.
Previous CG A exp min.

Leave your steam below and/or add Myself or Narnz on steam.



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12:52am Jan 10th 19

all sharpies(especially negroid), mentaljack is a nice boi as well


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6:16pm Jan 10th 19

v sharp boyos


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6:20pm Jan 10th 19

surely you trial me


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6:57pm Jan 10th 19

ill play, oh wait


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10:33pm Jan 10th 19 - in reply to CLRT's post



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9:24am Jan 11th 19

cunts are good, heaps of potential to push m


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8:13pm Jan 11th 19

lookingforteam (LFT) add me



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8:41pm Jan 11th 19 - in reply to MentalJack's post

love you


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11:54pm Jan 14th 19

Found our man, cheers all who applied!