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Alias: pxi, pixie, RAiDE

Age: 17

Location: Perth, GMT +8.

Previous Experience: 1 season of CGo - placed second in a meme team, 2 seasons of CGa, throwaway qualifiers, RO16 @ FaceIt Minor Qualifier.

Aims: Become an impactful member of a strong team. Hope to make a team better, whether that be with a fragging or supportive role.

Roles: Rifler/support, will entry if required but in more of a TACO/MSL style of entry (make space for stars).

• Aim has improved recently (Been working on it )
• Passive player/not aggressive or kill-hungry but will do whatever I'm told
• Not completely brain-dead
• Decent nade knowledge
• Extremely dedicated
• Effective at trading in teams
• Willing to put myself into disadvantageous/non-preferable situations for the betterment of the team
• Easy to get along with
• Will pay for own premium, didn't think I'd have to put that but some people in today's environment y i k e s (expecting fees paid in mid-cga lul)

• If concentrated (gunfight, etc) I might not call an enemy until the duel is over.
• Inconsistent in an unorganised environment (pugs, early team/trials), etc.
• Not available until 5.30pm AEST due to Perth timezones during school

Previous CG Teams:
NinjaESC - pxi, flashyy, ExaaaampL, 2sbs, fradda, JMit (everytime, im sorry jesse xx)
Virtuouz - pxi, Bray, luk, NeonBladeBorn, Spazzz, TeeeNTeee, JMit, Jayy
MemeCGoTeam/Gay4Bray - pxi, flashyy, ExaaaampL, luk, TeeeNTeee, JMit, Spazzz, MinTi

Availability: Everyday except Friday night from 7.30pm AEST to 9pm AEST (will need a break for dinner at around 7.30/8 but can be postponed for games). Whenever necessary on weekends unless specifically told otherwise.

Looking for a mid-CGa lineup.

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/iampxi/



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9:31pm Jan 11th 19 - in reply to pxi's post

super cool dude, will be an asset to any hard-working cga team. mid-high cga (because he actually has legitimate experience unlike half the people on these forums lmao). BOL xx


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7:19pm Jan 12th 19

mid a

p.s you forgot to add Lèsè to your previous teams



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8:58pm Jan 12th 19

great gamer, really nice dude and deserves a minimum of mid a BOL


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9:08pm Jan 12th 19 - in reply to lukken^'s post


[email protected]lan


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1:30am Jan 16th 19

nice guy


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[email protected]lan

Quote from pxi on the 12th of January 2019


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11:14pm Jan 17th 19

super dedicated, smart, sharp and excellent team player. A good pickup for any team in the scene. xx


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9:16pm Jan 19th 19

now have lan experience and didnt bot frag, lft mid-cga send help