LFT - F1SH (AWP - Brisbane - 2...

LFT - F1SH (AWP - Brisbane - 26 years old.)

LFT - F1SH (AWP - Brisbane - 26 years old.)

Thread started by f1sh47 on Saturday, 2:09am January 12th with 4 replies. Views: 298


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2:09am Jan 12th 19

I'm interested in joining a team from High CGO to Low-Mid CGA.

I am willing to put in the hours. I am serious about improving myself and my fellow team mates. Not interested in toxicity, not interested in ego. Only interested in being a part of team that is supportive and mature.

I have been playing this game for four years now spending most of my cs time pugging on face it. I've hit a brick wall in pugging, that it's just not as satisfying anymore. I want to play in a team and experience CS in a new and fun way.

Want to join a team ASAP and willing to accept a trial from any team.

Please add me on steam if you want to give me a try. Cheers!


Can provide friends who can rifle if needed.


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7:02pm Jan 12th 19



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7:19pm Jan 16th 19

Bump again


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6:21pm Jan 17th 19

Hey man just added, we are running trials tonight if you would be interested

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7:48pm Jan 17th 19

f1sh is a gamer and would do well in high cgo. keep it up bro