F/A Flex Player LFT

F/A Flex Player LFT

Thread started by honurbly airbrn on Saturday, 3:32pm January 19th with 2 replies. Views: 306

honurbly airbrn

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3:32pm Jan 19th 19

New to competitive COD, but know most of the in's and out's.

Can grind.

Good map knowledge and game mode knowledge.

Capable of running Saug, Maddox and ICR.

Can also run multiple specialists.

Willing to join new teams as well as trial for current teams.

Message here or on PSN (honurbly_airbrn).



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7:25pm Jan 19th 19

Keen to make a team if your down bro?


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2:26pm Feb 5th 19 - in reply to honurbly airbrn's post

If you are interested in trialling for the team. Click this link for more information: https://www.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/620524/PS4OCE-Looking-For-TeamOrg/