CyberGamer Open/Bronze PUBG Sq...

CyberGamer Open/Bronze PUBG Squad league - How to queue into a game!

CyberGamer Open/Bronze PUBG Squad league - How to queue into a game!

Thread started by rxZAU- on Wednesday, 3:24pm January 23rd. Views: 885


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3:24pm Jan 23rd 19

Hello everyone,

As the team has been asked a few questions about how playing in the CyberGamer Open PUBG Squad league, this forum should answer majority
of your questions but if you don't understand something please feel free to contact an admin or ask below!

Q: What time will queue open?
A: The queue will open at 6:30PM AEDT

Q: Do i need subscription for the league?
A: No, the bronze league is completely free and you do not need any sort of subscription!

Q: How do i receive the lobby details?
A: Your team will have to click the queue button and as soon as it hits 14 teams queued with it being max 16 the lobby details
will pop up and you will be able to see them through our site
Link - (A big red queue button will appear in that box when it's time to queue)

Q: I missed out on the game, what do i do now?
A: It's your responsibility to make sure everyone gets in the game.

If you have any concerns during the games please use our discord for help!
Link -


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8:56pm Jan 21st 21

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