what is the best gun?

what is the best gun?

what is the best gun?

Thread started by fiorasyndra1 on Friday, 12:42pm January 25th with 5 replies. Views: 972


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12:42pm Jan 25th 19

What is rifles guns is the best now? except sniper
M249, Groza?


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10:57am Feb 7th 19

Depends really.. Grozo is quite powerful but is hard to acquire since it is a crate only weapon.
Alot of people you will find either will use a AKM or M4/Scar.


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3:35am Mar 16th 19

AKM/Groza + SLR/Mk14


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4:56am Mar 25th 19

I agree that AKM/Groza + SLR/Mk14 is the best gun


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9:45pm Jul 10th 19

AWM and DP 28, both are my favorite guns.


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4:24pm Dec 20th 21

hi there,
my fav is m416, but AKM damages higher than it..