Varg Recruiting [PS4] [OCE]

Varg Recruiting [PS4] [OCE]

Varg Recruiting [PS4] [OCE]

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Varg is an upcoming Australian competitive Call of Duty Team. We are currently recruiting players to join our Call of Duty roster.

Core spots - 4
Sub spots - 2
What We Offer
- Varg graphics for social media.
- A positive and professional environment.
- Entries into competitive tournaments and ladders.

- Age 16+
- Reside in Australia.
- High mechanical skill.
- Good communication skills.
- Past experience in the competitive scene.
- Dedication to team meetings and practice etc.
- High availability.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in trialling for the team, join our Discord server, add me on PSN, or reply on this thread.

Discord Server
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