Zuko LFT cgm ffyi / high a

Zuko LFT cgm ffyi / high a

Zuko LFT cgm ffyi / high a

Thread started by LS_Zuko on Sunday, 2:10pm February 10th with 29 replies. Views: 1,165


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2:10pm Feb 10th 19 and edited 3:55pm Feb 10th 19

Tribal is disbanding because we didn't want to play cga but im down to play cga if its a good team, im down to work hard with a team to actually make a name for itself.

Most of the week im free to play unless im doing my course, times for that are 8am - 4pm ish and only a few days a week.

ROLES - entry, support and lurk

More info about me is on my steam profile and if you're interested send me a friend request https://steamcommunity.com/id/LS_Zuko/

My experiences
Flexicution - 2018/CGA Autumn 9th - 16th
Outsider - 2018/CGA Winter 20th - 27th
Faded - 2018/ESEA-O Season 29 15th - 18th
Tribal - 2018/CGA Summer 15th -18th
Tribal - 2019/CGE/M Quals 3W 2L

LANslide V.22 - 2018 - FlexBois (DI5TRICT // Muzz // Panda // Macgyver // Zuko)
LANslide V.23 - 2018 - FlexBois (DI5TRICT // Ezzix // Hektik // -yrC // Zuko)
ZenGaming - 2018 - yes (Access // -yrC // JZ // Hektik // Zuko)
Level Infinity - 2018 - no (-yrC // Zuko)
LANslide V.25 - 2019 - Sickest (Popcorn, Frost, atoms, Chroma, Zuko) 5th-8th

Flexicution (JokerQ // MAYO // Qold // Muzz // Zuko)
Outsider (Kreepz // Jarserk // marz // cn0te // Zuko)
Faded (Popcorn // -yrC // Ducky // Particle // Zuko // SUB - access // NiGhT)
Tribal (Spitroast // LikiAU // Crunchy // juliaN // Zuko // SUB - JAY // Yeti)


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2:11pm Feb 10th 19

High A BOL


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2:14pm Feb 10th 19

Give him a go, sharp aimer and good gamesense - high cga
bol my dude :3


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2:15pm Feb 10th 19

insane player high a + xx


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2:15pm Feb 10th 19

good player +rep cga or above for sure


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2:15pm Feb 10th 19

zuko is a sharpie and has an average brain although his emotions can get the better of him sometimes.

high cga bol <3


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2:22pm Feb 10th 19

Sicc gamer, great gamesense, sharp aim and enjoyable to play with. BOL high A.


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2:24pm Feb 10th 19

High A for sure, Wont waste your time


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2:26pm Feb 10th 19

good playa


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2:28pm Feb 10th 19

Sharp player with a good attitude High CGA pls


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2:29pm Feb 10th 19

thank you everyone <3


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2:32pm Feb 10th 19

nice mans, sharp cookie =)


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2:56pm Feb 10th 19

Sharp as fuck, just keep him away from B site and he'll be yeeting on everyone.


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3:01pm Feb 10th 19

high a


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3:02pm Feb 10th 19

Best player au I don't care what anyone says <3 BOL