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currently LFT atm for MID to HIGH CGA or even CGO

age - 17yr old

role - flex on any roles needed including IGL

location - sydney esh esh esh lad

strengths - people say im sharp so i am sharp, decent mechanics, great teamplayer, decent map knowledge, can take consistent fights, can play well in a team environment, im not toxic, i do REALLY well with a structured team.

cons - i underperform when the IGL is not confident with strategies or does not have a decent amount of experience, terrible mic lmao, im a weeb.

goal - im pretty fucking willing to commit and train hard if the team is also willing to compete at a higher level and move up to high CGA and then CGE etc.
im ready to take whatever CRIT necessary but also learn and develop with the time to compete at the highest.

schledule - im a high school student but im seriously flexible with whatever time because i balance well with both my education and CS



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2:06am Mar 5th 19 - in reply to Ily's post

currently LFT atm for high CGO to low CGA

Quote from Ily on the 5th of March 2019
But title says LFT for mid-high cga?

Maybe fix that part up, but gl searching for a team!


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3:14pm Mar 5th 19

ah thank you for pointing that out for me!
thank you bro!


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12:40pm Mar 14th 19

Absolute sharpie, plays smart, tilts but doesnt become toxic if he has something to say its a constructive feedback.

Has goals to grind to the top just needs a team thats compatible with his play style he'll get there would highly recommend Mid-high A+

BOL dude


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10:45pm Mar 14th 19

This boi can't flex at all.

But he's pretty good, just not always online when you want him to be.


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10:45pm Mar 14th 19

Really good dude, deserves to be higher than Open, BOL to the grind