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2:24pm Mar 7th 19 and edited 3:05pm Mar 7th 19

Countless people are telling me to actually try an get into a team so here i am time to get rid of my negative behavior over the past days an start being more positive an join a team an strive for Greatness.
Wanna join a Team who wants to win an go far

New to the scene but have heaps of Hours an experience

Can do any role an will commit

Really on all the time i can work around with your roster


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3:04pm Mar 7th 19

good boy! cga easy


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8:20pm Apr 8th 19 and edited 9:02pm Apr 8th 19

-Rep. Losing 14 elo is the end of the world for this player to go completely toxic, smacks his desk, tells people to cut they're wrists over 1 bad game. Really needs some self control, and hopefully someone to hug this man. I hope he manages to find some help in the future for his misdeeds. But until then, that 14 elo is unfortunately gone forever.


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8:21pm Apr 8th 19

literally one of the most toxic people i have ever played with, can't deal with teammates not performing. i doubt this man will be able to play in a team environment, low cgo bol


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8:22pm Apr 8th 19 and edited 8:48pm Apr 8th 19

easily low cgo


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8:54pm Apr 8th 19



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8:57pm Apr 8th 19

come werribee bro i wear my socks all the way up and act top shit bro watch out brother!


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7:35pm Apr 15th 19

I hope you get a good team bro! I really hope that you become more positive and it is a good goal to work towards