Suppressed Groza Sound Bug

Suppressed Groza Sound Bug

Suppressed Groza Sound Bug

Thread started by Babu on Wednesday, 9:13pm March 13th with 3 replies. Views: 378


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9:13pm Mar 13th 19 and edited 5:58am Mar 25th 19

I've had a few games now where the sound of a suppressed Groza is much louder than it should be, and as a result it's impossible to tell where it's coming from. It's the only suppressed gun where I've run into this. It's pretty game breaking and makes the Groza stupidly strong, because it confuses everyone around you and makes them play dumb.


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3:34am Mar 16th 19

a Groza is too rare a weapon to draw attention to.


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5:34pm Mar 18th 19

I am also facing some issue on my iOs. I am facing an iTunes error. I have visited but didn't get any proper solution. Please help me to fix it.


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9:32pm Jul 26th 19

this issue has been resolved in the latest update, there was a sound bug and shaky suppressor in previous version which led to poor aim and recoil.