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1:50am Mar 15th 19

IGN: Rev0

Age: 18

Location: Melbourne, can be available to go to LANs

Role: Looking to join a well prepared, ready to go team that is LF1, looking for any team to play in CGA, or any CGO team trying to win open to get to amateur. I prefer to do anything BUT IGLing.

Previous Teams:

Fabled eSports: Arrvoi, NEET, S0tiri, Shino8, Rev0

SlamOCE: ItsCoolguy, Dream_ex, Haynzy, Blizz, Rev0

Consider myself new to the Oceania region as I only have been here for 3 weeks. Will start gaining experience with a team that will give me a chance

Availability: Free almost everyday, have classes for uni on Monday and Tuesday from 8am to 1pm, will be free after. Wednesday to Sunday will be free for the whole day, unless anything comes up. Usually plays CS all day, could go to 7am and even pulling all-nighters. I can play over 70+ hours every week, currently have 253.2 hours in the past two weeks on CSGO

Strengths: Heavy knowledge of the game, Debatedly Can Aim/Spray Control, Have the time and the effort to commit to a team to grow with, Gives Positive Mindset within team environment, Can attend LANs, Aim Duels and I can comm well.

Weaknesses: Can get over aggressive in game, gets overconfident and take unnecessary aim duels, Grenade knowledge and most of the smokes (Will learn them)

Contact Info:


Faceit: -Rev0-


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11:01pm Mar 24th 19

High CGA.