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9:22am Mar 15th 19

Hi all, old thread was a little outdated so I thought I'd make a clean one.
Main AWPer but can also rifle pretty easily nowadays
Aiming to play in a finals series team OR a CGM team as I know I can play to that standard.
Can't play Fridays and Sundays but good to play every other day.
Contact me via Twitter or Steam


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9:36am Mar 15th 19

Sharp. Has been working on his attitude in game which shows. Once he completely has control of his emotions he will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with in invite. Finals minimum for my dude. BOL <3


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9:37am Mar 15th 19

rough gig bro. finals +++


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10:01am Mar 15th 19

Very sharp awper. Experienced and committed. Little bitch tho. CGM bol


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11:55am Mar 15th 19

Smart shooter with great knowledge and game sense.

Aim is still pretty sharp, especially with the awp.

Would be a neat pickup for a team of a High A standard needing a player to help push for M. Bol district!


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3:46pm Mar 15th 19

sharp af also very smart

easy cgm


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4:49pm Mar 15th 19

Solid Aimer with both rifles and awp, especially when hes popping off.
Very dedicated to playing in a team, and has shown that he will work through any issues till the very end.
BOL, at least A finals quality if not higher.


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3:59pm Mar 16th 19

Not a bad bloke at all has a sharp Awp shot and can pick up rifles pretty well. has the experience to play in M with ease but I mean if any high a team is looking to pick up a nutty awper his your nan


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1:58pm Mar 18th 19

Known him for years.
Great personality and always eager to put beef aside and talk things out no matter. Dudes nuttas on LAN and can bring the game back a lot. Give him some freedom to play with and he'll show you some results. Good communication.

Also loves racing in his bmw at nights xoxox


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3:29pm Mar 18th 19

beast awper
v nice if you get to know him


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4:17pm Mar 18th 19

Could play cgm, however, his height gets in the way.:)

He is a good lad who may get angry at times.


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1:29pm Mar 19th 19

hes pretty good


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5:06pm Mar 24th 19 and edited 5:32pm Mar 24th 19

bump bump bump for a super slut A finals or higher x


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5:19pm Mar 24th 19

fuckin amazing guy

high a n dat


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5:25pm Mar 24th 19

doesnt deserve what happened

pick him up soon plz <3