Dabears LFT - Mid CGO

Dabears LFT - Mid CGO

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Only had mild team experience I was on Team ofni (low cgo) for 6 months but I left to work on myself as a player.
Subbed a couple games for
ADR? (high cgo)
Subbed a few games for spedshed

Rarely get tilted , good at following instructions and open minded about constructive criticism (I'm here to improve and I'll take any advice)

Need a reasonable warm-up time
relatively little experience
Average aim at best

My aims are simple: To grow as a player , to learn from others and to build a respectable reputation with my colleagues and members of the community.
I enjoy the game and while I left my last team to work on myself as an individual; I believe I am now ready to become apart of a collective.

Although I don't claim to be the most highly skilled player I feel I have the potential to grow exponentially if given time to work on my skills.

1936 hours in CS:GO I'm a rifler and I am available to practice most nights.

I work 3 days a week and I am a co-owner of a community but I balance my time well.

If you are interested in trialling me or even bringing me on as a sub please contact me; on discord Dabears#3954 or on steam
https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009793766/ . Please note that my working hours are generally during the weekends.


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2:44pm Apr 9th 19

Hard worker, committed to a team environment, makes a mean admin of a community- Love Tony <3


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2:47pm Apr 9th 19

good c*nt


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2:56pm Apr 9th 19

straight up, you have no idea on how to run an organization and i dont know who hired you or who thought it would be a good idea to keep you running this, because quite frankly the only quality you have is your monetary support for the organization


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9:25pm Apr 10th 19

very good looking. mid o team


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1:57pm Apr 11th 19

100% recommended for a team that needs a good listener and someone with gamesense! But if you need a good speller, then bad luck he isn’t good in that department. (You spelt ‘tilted’ as ‘titled’


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2:46pm Apr 11th 19

Spelling is hard


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4:06pm Apr 11th 19

Haha, yes it is. You’ll catch on to it one day...... I hope. xD gl bro


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3:04pm Apr 15th 19

bump , still looking


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4:05pm Apr 15th 19

deserves a committed team, mid-high o bol


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7:38pm Apr 17th 19

Low O best of luck