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1:39am Apr 15th 19

Alias: Bray
Age: 18
Location: QLD
Experience: 4 seasons of CGA and a few lan's.
Virtuouz (Bray, Pxi, Lukken, Jmit, TeeeNTeee)
19th CGs Winter 2018 Innervate (Bray, Lukken, Zefno, Jevendale, TeeeNTeee)
Lese (Bray, Lukken, Zefno, Flashyy, ExaampL)
5-8th IEM Shanghai Open Qualifiers
4th Dislekek Tournament June 2018
9-16th Faceit Open Major Qualifiers
4th QUT Open LAN August 2018
5th-6th Brisvegas October 2018 Lan
CGA 2019 Season 1 (Bray, Pxi, Lukken, Yedk, Vico)
AEL Uni League 2019 (Bray, Dash, Aycer, Cobolt, Yeppeunim, Klebz)

Looking to further myself as a player and person. Can play almost every day unless something comes up such as Uni or Work but schedule is pretty easy. Playing AEL with some higher gamers to learn as much as I can but that shouldn't affect how much I can participate in team stuff. Honestly just wanna play with a good group of people who want to grow and win as a group.

Mid-High CGA PLS <3


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2:04am Apr 15th 19

great guy with a great attitude. lot of fun to play with. bol bray <3


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3:55pm Apr 15th 19

Havent played to much with him but solid non toxic would suit any team looking for a 5th bol


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3:21am Apr 22nd 19

hey ethan you know when ur dick smells like a vagina

hard fragger, not as retarded as he used to be ingame but that quote tells the whole story

high a bol


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7:26am Apr 22nd 19

he a good boy


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10:27am Apr 22nd 19

he's good when he's confident. very moticated ! bol


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10:56am Apr 22nd 19

been playing with him a lot very recently. well rounded player dedicated and looking to improve. bol bray

high a


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6:21pm Apr 22nd 19

sharp gamer. mid-high a xoxo


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8:58pm Apr 22nd 19

quite dedicated, with a good bunch that wants to put in constant work he could easily make an impact =] high a x


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10:37pm Apr 22nd 19

Sharp aimer mid-high CGA


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6:23pm May 2nd 19

nothing less than high a, super dedicated guy really easy to get along with and like actually good at the game sooooooo
pick him up please


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1:40am May 4th 19 - in reply to Bray's post

Big strong gamer man solid pick up for mid-high


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1:41am May 4th 19 - in reply to ExaammpL's post

he's referring to mid-high o btw


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1:45am May 4th 19

greatest player i've ever seen easily high cgo