Any managers with experience?

Any managers with experience?

Any managers with experience?

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9:45am Apr 16th 19

So I’m trying to take on a role as a manger whilst I’m not playing. Is the job hard? Do you need to stay up to date with everything?

Thanks in advance.


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7:21pm Apr 16th 19



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2:08pm May 1st 19

It all depends on the team. It's a lot easier if the team you manage communicates with in what they are doing you watch there scrims and games regularly and give input where needed. If they don't communicate with you they could be in a slump and you won't even know or players are unhappy which can result in the org losing out on money if a team disbands. So in general communication is key. Talk to the players talk to the owner of the org make sure the relationship between the players themselves and between the players and the org


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2:16pm May 1st 19

Teams dont need managers untill CGi +


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6:42pm May 1st 19

Thanks for the help Tekr and Validation!