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8:35pm May 7th 19

Im making a cg team for pc in seau servers

I am looking for people who have above average aim, map knowledge, game sense, not being toxic, 30 plus hours a week to play skrims and ranked as a 5 man
I will trial and pick the guys I want to play so ill get a 5 man going with the recruits and we will play ranked for 5 or more games and I will see who is going to be in the team
im a very adventurous person want to bring my team to the high leagues.
message me through this site
I would like gold one to plat 2 players to join


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6:50pm Jun 19th 19 - in reply to OneTap.MvT's post

Hi im looking for a team that is serious about training and working as a team and taking it seriously , im a high gold low plat player and know i can do better just kind of need the right guidence on how to improve


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2:21am Jul 17th 19

breezy pig im looking for a team and i wwaas wondering if i could join you


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2:09pm Oct 18th 19

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